BlackFire Artisan Food is the result of 30 years of travel and tasting by Belfast native, street artist, grower, sauce alchemist and chilli fanatic Tim McCarthy.

Having eaten street food in Central and North America, Africa, the Far East and Middle East as well as most of Europe and the Indian sub continent Tim founded Blackfire in 2014 to satiate his appetite for fiery food. 

Its a small  Belfast based company specialising in the creation of unique, fresh chilli sauces, all of which are vegan -friendly, allergen and gluten free as well as being low in calories.  They contain only natural ingredients and are free from added sugar &  salt as well as artificial colours or preservatives. We grow 2 dozen varieties of peppers all year round from medium hot up to super hots as well as many of the vegetables, fruits and herbs used to create the sauces. At BlackFire we never use chilli extract but carefully blend the flavour profiles of our homegrown peppers to create a premium product unlike any other. We produce limited batch seasonal sauces too with ingredients from hedgerow and seashore which are available exclusively for BlackFire Hot Club members. Where possible we support local suppliers for our ingredients and work with The Armagh Cider Company for our apple cider vinegar. It's the only company which has Protected Geographical Indication Certification for its Armagh Bramlley Apples. Our dulse comes from the Connemara Seaweed company on our Atlantic Coast and our wild garlic is picked less than a mile away from BlackFire HQ.

The first evidence of chilli peppers being domesticated comes from Ecuador over 6000 years ago although archaeologists have discovered that people have been eating them since around 7500 B.C. There are around 4000 varieties being cultivated around the world at present with new hybrids appearing annually. Their heat is measured in Scoville Units from 0 for sweet peppers to 1.5 million for the super hot varieties such as the Carolina Reaper, currently the hottest chilli in the world. The humble Jalapeño only weighs in at around 5000 - 8000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Chillies are not only a foodstuff and condiment but are used in medicine for pain relief and as an anaesthetic, by police forces for crowd control and as a pest control method amongst other things. They contain more Vitamin C than oranges and more Vitamin A than carrots as well as high levels of Vitamin D. The endorphins that your body releases to protect itself against the heat of chillies create a natural high which is why there are so many people who enjoy sweating their way through a vindaloo curry. 

Welcome to BlackFire Artisan Food - Belfast's Original Hot Sauces