What's in a name? Well this name says it all. It's our hottest sauce yet and its got attitude. Sweet roasted peppers and a generous lashing of Carolina Reapers, the world's hottest pepper, make this sauce more than just heat and vinegar. The fruity flavour of the Ancho chilli marries well here with our Armagh apple cider vinegar to provide a pocket-size bottle of flavoursome fire. Perfect fit or your handbag or manbag too.

The world's hottest pepper since 2013 the Reaper is so-called because of the shape of its scythe-like tail. The Reaper is a creeper, a fruity taste at first followed by extreme heat and then some more extreme heat and then some more extreme heat (repeat as necessary).

Up to 2,200,000 SHU


Ingredients: Roasted red peppers, Ancho Chillies, Carolina Reaper Chillies  and apple cider vinegar.