Ingredients: Roasted red peppers, beetroot,

Cayenne Peppers, Pasilla Chillies, Ancho Chillies, Chipotle Chillies, liquid hickory smoke,

apple cider vinegar.

The JalapeƱo is a relatively mild pepper which is usually eaten when green. It is smoked rather than dried to preserve it as it has thick flesh. It then becomes the Chipotle which is a key ingredient in Mexican mole sauce.

Bonfire Chipotle

3500-8000 SHU


A dark, smoky sauce with a deep flavour which is perfect for barbecues. It uses 2 of the 'Holy Trinity' of Mexican peppers, the Ancho & Pasilla

combined with the Chipotle which is smoked Jalapeno to add richness to any dish.